George & Jeannette Connell
The founders of Freedom Outpost Ministries, (FOM) and Freedom Outpost Apostolic Network, (F.O.A.N.) George & Jeannette Connell, have served the body of Christ for over 35 years.  George has worked nearly 30 years in the marketplace in the area of contracting and project management; supporting and blessing not only FOM but churches and ministries around the globe.
Jeannette is ordained through Cornerstone Ministries and has authored three books on Spiritual Cleansing that can be found under the resources tab.  
She was also the co-author of Junia Arise; Apostolic Women on the Frontlines.  
The couple have raised 6 wonderful children and are currently located in Troy, Missouri where they engage in fellowship and connection to other five-fold leaders and networks.
Bertha Weathers
Bertha Weathers currently serves on the pastoral team of Freedom Outpost Ministries.  She is a counselor, teacher, and team member of the Spiritual Cleansing Ministry, she serves on the apostolic mission's team, and is a RN by profession.  Pastor Bertha has three children and three wonderful grandchildren.


 Kim Williams
Kim Williams currently serves on the pastoral team and apostolic missions team of Freedom Outpost Ministries.  She is a team member of the Spiritual Cleansing Team and serves as a teacher and in hospitality.  Pastor Kim is a LPN by profession and the mother of five children with eleven grandchildren.


 Carolyn Bonds
Carolyn Bonds is the parent of three children with five grandchildren.
She is the entrepreneur of Mrs. Carolyn’s Southern Sweets in Memphis, TN.  Apostle Carolyn is active in counseling, intercession, teaching, and training in Spiritual Cleansing. She also serves on the apostolic mission team.
Larry Schob
Larry Schob operates as a Pastor and Prophetic Evangelist at Freedom Outpost Ministries.  He is the leader of Boots on the Ground Ministry, also serving on the apostolic mission's team. Pastor Larry is the father of four children with two grandchildren.