How it Began

Freedom Outpost Ministries, (FOM) began in the Bowling Green, MO area in the fall of 2009
by the leading of Holy Spirit.
Like many new churches, FOM started in the home of Apostles George and Jeannette Connell.  
The church has grown and transitioned throughout several locations to its current home in Troy, Missouri.

Expanding the Vision

It has become quite evident that FOM has outgrown its current location in Troy, MO and is seeking God for property where a new center may be established.  Not only is the church expanding, as evidenced by the upcoming church plants, mission projects, and also broadening the ministry in the development of a Bible School and Apostolic Network connecting the five-fold across the globe.

International Ministry

FOM has a heart for missions and has expanded into many nations. The ministry currently supports the nations of Mexico, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Philippines. Within the US, FOM ministry works closely with Clinton, Arkansas and the Dine' Nation (Navajo).

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 11 am.